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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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breaking news across the bay area. dangerous and deadly wind, toppling trees and stopping traffic and causing mass power outages. this is the scene in petaluma. wind gusts, more than 60 miles per hour. roads and parking lots littered by branches. >> tonight, we're learning that dangerous winds have led to two deaths in oakland.
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a tree that fell killed a driver around 8:30 this evening. the man was killed by a falling power line along the 2700 block of austin street. and cheryl herd joins us from oakland with more. >> reporter: as you can see, it's pretty windy out here. the trees are sweeping back and forth. but just around the corner on east 22nd and austin street, a man was killed because of the wind. a 30-foot tree limb came crashing down on a man who was on his motorcycle in a driveway. this happened about 8:15 tonight. power lines came down with the tree limb. and right now, police are not ready to tell us if he was electrocuted or not. >> the guy was getting on his motorcycle or getting off his motorcycle. and the tree branch fell over and killed him. when i got here, everything was blocked off.
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>> reporter: down the road, firefighters were battling a two-alarm fire in an abandoned grocery store. and the wind didn't make things easy for them. this happened around 7:00 tonight. but around 10:00 tonight, it was all under control. the wind added a layer of difficulty for firefighters, they're telling me tonight. but back here live, you can see the wind is whipping up around here. there's a lot of power outages in a lot of areas. and i see pg&e crews scurrying around to get the power back on. >> very dangerous. that wind is whipping. want to give you a live look at the bay bridge. it's a shaky image. you see the cameras be jostled about because of the high winds. jeff raineri. we're talking serious winds.
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you can see that in cheryl's live shot. >> and sustained winds, 20 to 30 miles per hour, for 3 to 4 hours, that have weakened the trees. top gusts in oakland hills at 56 miles per hour. petaluma, 56, and napa, 43. under a wind advisory until 10:00 a.m. on friday. two of the areas i'm most concerned about at this point are the east bay and also for the north bay. the entire east bay right now, under this wind advisory. hills above 1,000 feet will likely see over 70 miles per hour at this point. this includes all of the north bay, as well. winds ranging from 40 to 70 miles per hour. so, the bottom line on this wind at this point, that has now turned deadly, over the next 18 hours. we'll see the winds gust up here across the bay area. the worst of it in the east and for the north bay. with the recent rains, you can
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expect more downed power lines. it is likely to get a lot worse as we could see the gusts continuing here. we're going to detail the forecast and how the wind is going to impact the morning temperatures, coming up. we have new details involving a hate crime investigation. we first reported the allegations last night. and it quickly turned into a national story. a black and white issue at san jose state has the school embarrassed and the students in shock. we hear from a friend of the victim and the three, white students who have been suspended. george kiriyama is on campus with the latest. >> reporter: we have called this university police to find out if one or all three have surrendered. we know that san jose state has placed all three on interim suspension. we did talk to a friend of the victim tonight. he says this kind of thing shouldn't happen here. >> howard is a friend of the
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18-year-old african-american student who allegedly was subjected to over three months of hate crimes. it happened in a dormroom. he lives right down the hallway. he didn't know his friend was going through this. >> i couldn't tell. he said he was going down the hall. i could see it perfectly fine. >> the victim lived with seven roommates. three of them are accused of misdemeanor hate crimes and batteries of the roommate. >> the actions i do not support. but as friends, as people, i support them. and the victim, he's also my friend. so, with this, i support him fully. >> reporter: a few hundred students marched on campus, upset at allegations that the three accused posted a confederate flag and wrote the
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"n" word on a dry erase board. >> on campus, i can relate. you want it to be the greatest experience. it's your first year at college. and to have it happen is devastating. >> the victim never spoke out because he wanted to get along. but the office says they have no tolerance when it comes to hate crimes. >> the most offensive thing they did to this young man, on one occasion, they locked his head in a u-shaped bicycle lock. >> now, students have a tough task of healing open wounds. >> whether they're right or wrong, it's people still will be -- >> reporter: now african-american student groups made some demands. making african-american studies a g.e.d. requirement for all students. and two, open a support center for african-american students.
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>> thank you, george. it paid off. fbi agents busted an extensive illegal gambling ring today. they hit ten different locations, including two coffee shops in san jose. witnesses saw fbi agents pulling machines out of the businesses. >> it's not good. it's not good for the community. here around the location we're at, we see a lot of vandalism, too. maybe it could be from. >> officers arrested nine people in total. some will be in court tomorrow. all face federal charges connected to illegal gambling. armed drug dealers and thousands of arrest. all of it happening in our national parks and on federal land. maybe not far from where you hike with your family. the nbc bay area investigative unit found criminals and violence colliding with nature. earlier this month, you showed us the environmental impact.
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tonight, it's the human impact. >> reporter: we are talking about crime groups that are violent and armed. causing safety concerns for park growers. and as sites grow closer to hiking trails and communities. just over the hill, from sequ a sequoia, it's one of hundreds of illegal pot grow sites. and it's getting busted. one arrest made. >> do you have a medical marijuana license? >> reporter: 300 plants confiscated and several shotguns found. >> it's drug smuggling. >> reporter: he says traffickers are now growing thousands of plants at a time. year-round. in some of the country's most fertile land. then, selling it up to $50 a gram or $22,000 a pound.
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>> we had six murders last year. shootings, home invasion robberies and every type of crimes at grow sites almost daily. >> reporter: on public land since 2007, the u.s. forest service has found nearly 600 firearms and weapons. made about 2,300 pot-related arrests. most are part of large marijuana growing operations like this one, located deep in the six rivers national forest. during a raid in august, agents found more than 5,000 plants here, protecting a garden. they also discovered the 21-year-old mexican national, with a semiautomatic handgun. the assistant special agent in charge with the u.s. forest service. along for the cleanup of the site. >> you see more and more of
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these people in the grows. they are armed with either side arms or rifles. >> reporter: many grow operations are controlled by mexican-run cartels. it's cheaper to grow here than to smuggle it in. and according to the u.s. forest service, 80% of the cultivators are mexican foreign nionals. >> there's a big concern of bumping into something like this. they don't want to bump into them. they don't want to get involved. >> that concern shared by hikers. don is part of the indian tripe. they are been overrun by pat growers. they're afraid to go in the forest alone. >> they're armed. >> it has an impact, folks not
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being able to do what we're accustomed to doing. >> reporter: he says fear is also keeping tribe members inside. and unable to participate in practices, like burial rights and basket weaving. why are the areas so appealing to growers now. >> they're not traversed very often. they have a little bit of cover from not being seen. it's purely from roads or other houses. >> appealing because of the density that public land offers in california. at the same time, areas that so many cherish. >> it just doesn't affect our county or our state. it affects the entire country. >> reporter: more than 12,000 were found on national land in california. that's an estimation, followed by tennessee and oregon. to put that into perspective. both states had plants. law enforcement says if you're
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hiking and you see a water line like this pipe we just showed you, most likely connected to a grow site. that just shows that you're about to -- >> you don't know what's out there. >> thank you. you have a tip for anyone in our investigative unit, we urge you to give us a call at 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail to the unit at still ahead, at 30,000 feet, may seem like a luxury for some travelers. others say it could be a major headache. reaction to a potential change to how we travel. supposed to help keep your baby safe. but after two deaths, a massive recall of baby monitors. and california says, no thank you, mr. president. the change the state is not willing to make to its health care program. we're continuing to follow the breaking news and that wind event that's now turned deadly. we'll let you know when the top wind gusts over 50 miles per hour will be coming down.
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taking connectivity to new heights. the fcc says it's time to consider lifting the ban on cell phones in planes. >> live at sfo. a lot of people worried they're going to end up with a chatty kathy on a long, nine-hour flight. >> could you imagine. we talked with a lot of passengers that are opposed to the idea of having cell phones allowed on board planes. but the fcc says these days, cell service can be delivered safely. it's time to review the outdated
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ban on cell phones onboard airplanes. taking off is a lot like tuning out. when it comes to your cell phone. airline passengers aren't allowed to use them. but the federal communications commission is considering lifting the ban. allowing airlines to provide in-flight mobile broadband for use above 10,000 feet. frequent flyers like francis flores are ready to talk. >> i would say for work. and if a personal matter cannot wait, i'll use it. definitely. it's very convenient. >> others want to pull the plug on the idea. >> i don't want somebody talking on the phone next to me. it depends who it is, though. some people are loud talkers. >> on the flight, i would think not. it can be disruptive to the people around you. >> if lifting the ban flies through the fcc approval process, airlines would have to install special equipment to
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keep passengers connected. those calls would cost you. no one knows how much or how many airlines would get onboard. jetblue says if the policy is changed, it will make the cabin comfortable for people who want cell service and for people who want peace and quiet. a supporter of access, flores worries opening the lines will make for a rough ride. >> i don't know how much complications it will make for the airlines. >> airlines that some will want to have if dialing means dollars. the fcc is expected to open up the matter for public comment in december. the agency should get a lot of feedback. >> talking on a flight. just in time for holiday travel, the tsa has a new program to help bay area fliers move through security faster. that's a good sign. it's called precheck. available at san jose, oakland and sfo.
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individual airlines are awarding precheck status to frequent fliers, that will allow them to move through security gates without taking off shoes. and lets you leave your laptop in your carry-on bag. >> people leave their laptops at security screenings. >> tsa's next phase will have travelers apply for precheck on their own. a bizarre and controversial twist in the never-ending contract dispute between b.a.r.t. and its unions. b.a.r.t. board members voted 8-1, to approve a tentative labor contract. but it's not the same agreement they agreed to at the bargaining table a few weeks ago. b.a.r.t. took out a disputed family medical leave provision. that provision would give workers six weeks of paid family leave to care for family members. the provision was included in the contract because of a clerical error. the unions are crying foul. no word on how they will respond. they got it cover.
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despite president obama's urging to allow more time to cover california, has decided not to grant extension to customers with insurance policies that are set to expire at the end of the year. a million californians will not be able to keep the current plan. the president wanted the coverage more time to allow health insurance on the affordable care act. california's board elected to stay with its policy to cancel policies that don't comply. tomorrow will mark the 50th anniversary of the day president kennedy was assassinated. tomorrow, it will be the same. people are expected to fill dallas' dealey plaza for a moment of silence before celebrating president kennedy's legacy with music, prayer and speeches. government buildings in dallas will be closed. museums, libraries and schools
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all across the country will remember in their own way, as well. a president who died at the age of 46. we'll air that moment of silence. you coverage begins right at 10:28 a.m. want to get back to breaking news we told you at the top of the newscast. heavy winds around the bay area. two people have died as a result of the winds. >> jeff joins us more with the winds and how long we can expect them to stick around. >> the wind advisory through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's the worst of it. after that, we expect it to calm down. those above 1,000 feet could have winds that top 70 miles per hour. some of the wind gusts tonight have been impressive. about 40 to 56 miles per hour. napa at 43. oakland at 40. that's our san francisco camera in the background that's continuing to shake around. san jose less that.
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but still gusting at 29. and san carlos at 26. the bottom line on this wind, it looks like it is going to be the worst through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow for the east bay and for the north bay. and we'll see the winds potentially topping 40 miles per hour in the hills above 1,000 feet, as we mentioned. all gusts are expected to diminish through 3:00 p.m. on friday. that's what you should know. but with the recent rain, just as soon as yesterday, we'll have more downed trees and power lines. take it slow if you're doing commuting tomorrow morning. otherwise, our sky camera network. it cleared us out. temperatures in the 50s for the most part. we'll take the san francisco sky camera full. and you see the flags blowing around. a slight offshore wind. blustery there and across the east bay, as well. across the bay bridge or the golden gate bridge, that's going to be the sore spot as we look ahead in the forecast. speaking of which, let's get a
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preview. plenty of sunshine. numbers going up just a little bit. we'll look for the coldest weather to start in the north bay, where temperatures could likely be in the 30s. let's get to the weather pattern. the thing that's producing all of this wind is this upper-level area of low pressure. it's meandering off to the south. it's dragging down quite a bit of cold air for us. so, let's go ahead and get to the wind forecast. you can see through 6:00 and 7:00 tomorrow morning, the areas of yellow and orange. that's where we expect the highest winds again in the north bay and also here for sections of the east bay. then, as we head through the afternoon, that wind will begin to relax. we think by 4:00 and 5:00, it will be breezy out there. but definitely not as gusty. and with the conditions in the morning hours, we're going to be talking about a windchill. the worst of it, where you don't want to forget the jacket in the north bay, where it will feel like 47 to 42 degrees. that forecast we'll see temperatures top out in the
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mid-60s in san jose, with mostly sunny skies. it's 62 to 64. and for san francisco, along south beach, temperatures in the upper 60s. let's get a look here across the north day. temperatures will be ranging in the mid-60s. and for the east bay, 65 in concord. and livermore at 66 degrees. a quick look ahead at the weekend. sunny skies. staying on the cool and crisp side for that saturday forecast. and you guys, with the wind event that's turned deadly, christina lorenz will have more coming up at 4:30. >> thank you, jeff. so many people without power at this hour, as well.
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sparking a major recall. 600,000 baby monitors are being recalled after the deaths of 2 babies who died of strangulation. the consumer product safety
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commission, says the monitor with sensor pads has a cord that can wrap around a child's neck if pulled into the crib. the monitors are sold for $19.99 to $20.13. >> it's big money. samsung will pay apple $290 million. that's the figure a silicon valley jury decided today. it heard arguments from tech giants today. apple and samsung has been tied in a legal battle for years, over patents you find inside technology in mobile devices. a wild night at the shark tank. encouraging news for the 49ers. feldy joins us next. and so does jay. fun show tonight. kristen bell on the program. and david gregory. and julian lennon doing a beautiful song.
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hi, everybody.
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i'm dave feldman. the sharks return home following a five-game road trip. but they haven't enjoyed home isolately. they lost their last three at the tank. brett burns returning to the lineup. third period, 3-0, sharks. scott hannan with the shot. looks like joe thornton tips it in. but it goes off the skate of brett burns. he gets the goal. 19 seconds later. patrick marleau comes in towards the net. and he scores. his 11th goal of the season. sharks win in a lafer, 5-1. wide receiver michael crabtree continues to rehab his torn achilles. not in uniform or in pads while his 49ers teammates were going through drills at the beginning of practice today. but he did participate in a portion of practice, according to his team. baseball news. and what we've been reporting for days is now official. the giants have signed relief pitcher javy lopez to a
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three-year, $13 million contract. lopez joined the giants in 2010 and was a key contributor to both world series championships. and warriors guard, steph curry, has been cleared for noncontact drills after suffering a concussion on monday. he is with the team in l.a. it will be a game-time decision for tomorrow's game against the lakers. i'm dave feldman.
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we continue to monitor our breaking news. you see the scene outside. high winds continue across the bay area. 65,000 people are without power at this hour. two people have already died. >> jeff has been tracking all of this. a wind advisory is in effect. >> our cameras continues to shake around. this one from oakland, looking towards san francisco. the wind advisory in effect through 10:00 a.m. on tomorrow. it's for the entire north bay. also for the east bay.
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and for hills above 1,000 feet. winds could top as high as 70 miles per hour, as we head into 10:00 a.m. for tomorrow. the sustained winds that have been continuing the past three hours and could continue tomorrow morning. that could bring down more trees and power lines. >> we'll have more on our morning show at 4:30. >> thanks for watching tonight. >> bye-bye.
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and "photo booth." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you. welcome to "the tonight show." thank you very much. welcome, welcome, welcome. well, folks, next thursday is thanksgiving, just one week away. yeah. so if you're expecting relatives, youav


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